Who loves handmade
gifts? I do.

Hi, I’m Catarina, welcome to Miuze Retreat (pronounced Muse). You’ll find our Artisan Apiary on the foothills of the Hinterlands of the Gold Coast.

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We’ve been lucky enough to live here for seven years, basking in Queensland sunshine. We’ve two children, Melissa and Kai and we’re a family who love nature and do our very best to live consciously and organically. As a Mum, I’m passionate about what my family eats and is exposed to.

A hive of activity.

Five years ago, we bought our first hive. I thought it would be wonderful to have real natural raw honey on the kitchen table, but I never expected the bees to inspire me as much as they have. These are wonderful, amazing creatures. They have a mind-blowing interconnected relationship with us and nature. Before I knew it, I’d split the hive again, and again, and again and our Apiary was born. 

An education in bees.

I’ve learned so much being a caretaker of busy bees. They bustle with activity and energy, they look after their community; clean the hive, feed offspring, stand guard and protect. They’re like the moral guardians of the insect world! In winter, they’ll cluster to conserve hive temperature. And the worker bees will form a ball around the Queen Bee to keep her warm. How gorgeous is that?

My background is in beauty and spa therapy. It’s natural for me to work with my hands, I find it calming and it makes me happy. So, I started harvesting the honey and beeswax.

Bees give us so much more than sweet, sweet honey.

Alongside our hardworking bees I now make healthy, sustainable products, from my hands to yours. Like beeswax candles which are thought to be a natural ioniser, this means they clean the air of dust, smells, toxins and moulds. They just leaving a light honey scent in the air. No paraffins, no manufactured scents, no bad stuff!

Did you know that beeswax soothes and calms the skin? It’s a natural wonder, with moisturising properties that can even help heal some skin damage. I’ll be expanding our range soon to include skin balms once I’ve perfected the recipe – so, watch this space!

We’ve won awards.

And *fist pumps* all that work is paying off. In 2019 we won six different awards at the Gold Coast Show for our honey and beeswax. We are so grateful to our bees. 

Handmade with love.

All our products are handmade and heart felt. It brings me great joy to work with nature, and I do it with passion and love. You can call me a bee alchemist. Fact - I’ve never been stung by one :)

Our products are for the person who also loves nature, art, and bees. By supporting us, you can help support the bees without having to own or manage them yourself.

When you buy from Miuze Retreat you receive hand-made and curated gifts for an experience that creates a moment of love and truly speaks to the heart. 

Miuze Cabin

Come visit us!

We have a cabin for Airbnb guests. We also live onsite in a small cottage. If you come and stay, you may be fortunate enough to meet my parents who live between here and Portugal.